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This program offers interested consumer/ survivors an opportunity to volunteer as Peer Advocates with ARA Mental Health and Peer Mentors with The Network.

Be a Peer Mentor and reach out to isolated or hospitalized mental health consumers.

Be a Peer Advocate and provide advocacy support to individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis.

In the Peer Support Bridging Program you will:

- Receive specialized training in advocacy and anti-oppressive values
- Have the opportunity on a casual basis to support your peers in mental health
- Receive a monthly stipend to cover outreach telephone costs
- Receive a certificate of recognition and
a job reference for future employment

Peer Advocates will work four hours per week doing outreach advocacy tasks and sitting in on ARA advocacy sessions. Peer Mentors will do outreach in the community introducing consumer/survivors to the Network and doing some hospital visits. This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on work experience in peer support.

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If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, contact the Network office for more information.

Email or Phone 604 733-5570

Member Benefits:

Peer Support and Referral

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The Networker quarterly journal

Member Fine Art

The fine art on our web pages showcase Network members' artist talents. Take a look here. Some artwork is for purchase. Please call the office at (604) 733-5570 for more info.

Members who wish to advertise their art on our website contact the Network coordinator. Please note - we ask you make a small donation to the network for any artwork sold.

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Read years of The Networker with thousands of words; hundreds of illustrations and photographs.

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If you are interested in joiningor leading a group, or participating in a Community Education Program workshop, please contact the Network office at 604-733-5570, or e-mail us at

Groups are open to members and non-members, but we hope that once you participate you will feel comfortable becoming a Network member.

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